My fourth design attempt. It has been a long time that I did one, just because I didn’t have time nor inspiration to create anything. However the world trip that I did brought a lot of new inspiration.

During the world trip we saw many beautiful plants with flowers that were graphically very interesting. I will start with three plants from South East Asia.

Lobster Claw

This was a plant that marked our whole trip. Everywhere in tropical places we went to we saw this weird plant. So not only in South East Asia, also in South America. And appearently those are the only places where this Lobster Claw plant is growing.

The funny thing about the Lobster Claw is not only it’s color, it’s also the high number of chalices that makes this plant very unique.

Chinese Rose

The Chinese Rose is a Hibiscus flower and is a typical tropical Asian flower. I think it’s one of the most beautiful flowers you can find in South East Asia. Big leaves, big pistil and often vibrant colors. Very popular with butterflies.

Sacred Lotus

The most holy plant in Buddhism and Hinduism. The flower of the lotus represents purity, because the flower rises from swamps, but always looks clean and untouched. This is beacause the flower has a self-cleansing ability. As you might guess we saw a lot of these flowers at temples or other places of worship.

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